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Rowan Boland"For those of you who don't know I am Stevie Halls and I represent Gala Cricket Club where Rowan's immediate and extended family are very prominent members. In these sad times I am honoured to be asked by Dave and Elaine to say a few words in memory of Rowan who was and will remain an extraordinary and special wee boy.

Rowan touched the hearts of many people from many different places, near and far and the tributes and comments I have heard since the tragic events of Monday are absolutely incredible and hopefully I will be able to relay some of these in the coming minutes.

Rowan and Kristin Rowan was a son, a brother, a grandson, a nephew, a cousin, and clearly much loved by all his family. That love did not stop there because he was also a classmate, a pupil, a friend, a team-mate and a playmate who was loved by one and all.

Despite our obvious age differences I was privileged to regard Rowan as a friend as will many in here today. Although Rowan had many other interests, much of what I will say relates to cricket. I make no apologies for this because his passion was for cricket and indeed Meigle Park, where many will know, he spent his last moments.

Rowan BolandRowan was not just a player in the junior section but, despite his young years, was as much a member of the whole club as any one of the adults, senior players or committee. No other person at Gala Cricket Club young or old crossed the age divide, such was his personality, kindness, good humour and passion.

In preparing this tribute I tried to think of many words to describe Rowan. I will probably use a lot of them, but the one word I kept coming back to is SPECIAL..."

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Rowan Boland

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