Oscar Onley

Age: 17
Sport: Cycling

Achievements so far

5th at Chrono Des Nations (France)
7th overall and 2nd best young rider at Ain Bugey Valromey UCI (France)
2nd at Monmouth British National series (Wales)
4th at Hatherleigh British National series (England)
4th overall at La Cantonale (France)
8th overall at Aubel-Thimistor-Stavelot UCI (Belgium)
Scottish National 10mile TT record

How the grant made a difference

The grant allowed me to buy a TT bike for my first year as a junior. I achieve some good results in TTs and be fortunate enough to get on a french team for 2020, Van Rysel AG2R La Mondiale, a feeder team for the professional team. I hope this can help me in my dream of becoming a professional cyclist.